Seth. Taken. Again. Krataaaak.

Ciye Seth taken lagi. Ciye sama orang yang ngedukung gue sama Seth lagi. Ciye. Selamat ya. Langgeng.

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  1. You'll get someone better. somebody has told me about seth's plan to tell his feeling to F. Keep strong ya ti :) you can be like me and raka who always LOOK FINE hehehe -__-

  2. um. cabal ya Elis pampil labil: ')
    I know you'll be fine even if Seth had been taken by someone else. cause I believe that You're the most powerful 'labil' girl! : 3: P

  3. Odit : Ah, dit!! F? To F? whatthe... Yeah! I'll strong! Maaci Odit ({})


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