Recommend For Your Weekend: Indonesian Movie Throwback #2

A-suppah-late-night-post! What-is-up?

Hai guys, since I've got a really bedtime, I used to sleep less than 3 hour a day & sleep feels really bored nowdays... Tip ngomong pake bahasa Indonesia aja ngapa dah? Ah elah protes aje, iye iye. *ngedumel*

Okay, gue punya beberapa recommend film Indonesia yang seru untuk akhir pekan ini. Masih dalam genre drama (as you know, gue suka banget film drama) and let's having fun!

Love Is Cinta (2007)

Radit dan Jani (2008)

Kambing Jantan (2009)

Satu Jam Saja (2010)

Love In Perth (2010)

To be continued:p

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