Thanks God, It's Friday :D

thanks God, it's friday :D

i met you again in there,
you smiling at me,
your smile like sunshine who make me feel glad,
who make me feel better than last time I met you,
i try to talking with you,
i'm not afraind now,
and you answer my question with your style,
i remember it,
i remember the last time you say hello to me.

you put your eyes at me,
and i remember the last time i saw you.
i'm not afraid again.

i'm just thinking about our friendship.
i wish you still my bestfriend.

me : "i'm just want to know your new number phone"
you : "asked miko, he knows"
me : "but i asked you"
you : "dina know my number phone"
me : "you make me crazy"
you : "it's same if you asked miko"
me : "tell me, please"
you : "tell you what?"
me : "your number phone"
you : "you must know it, asked miko"
me : "blablabla818. it's right?"
you : *hedrinkhismineralwater*
me : "okey i miss call"
you : *hisphoneisrang* "what?"
me : "you always make me crazy"
you : *laugh*
me : *leavehimwithmiko* "i hope i'm vampire and i will killing him now, i swear."

i leave them and singing "cause i don't know how it's get better than this you take my hand and drag me head first fearless" hahaha (promosi lagunya taylor swift yak)

it's fearless.
and than i asked my self.

miss him ? yes
remember him ? yes
still loving him ? i guess.

so i was wrong, yeah?
tell me if i wrong,
but i feel glad now, i don't care what people thinking about me.

i'm just miss him.
and i miss him like a vampire miss a human's blood.

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