Think Quest

Gue lagi iseng iseng buka Think Quest (semacam situs pelajar gitu) accountnya Marissa. Dia nulis sesuatu di account nya Miss Feni. Judulnya MY HERO. Gue klik, dan ternyata Marissa nulis gini :

Marissa Sapphira R Marissa Sapphira R
My hero is Rizki Rahmadania Putri. She is my bestfriend, she school at SMPN 1 grade 7, precisely 7D class. She was born in Cirebon, 5 january 1998. Now she was 13 years old.
She is very good to me, she always there when I’m happy and sad. She care with me, always helped me, give advice to me.
I hope she will be my best friend forever.

eh terharu gue coy :')

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