Alice&Jasper part 10

Eum. Alice and Jasper part 10. It's simple. It's kinda something that I always wondering before I go to Bed. Have an enjoy chat with you! Huwaaa, you can make me laugh today before just read my chat and doesn't back to reply it. K, it's ok.

I can sit next to Jazz. I can hear the way he laugh. I can feel that he was there. We didn't have a chat. Huftdhh. At least I can sit next to him.

Jasper, remember the song that I always sing when I swim?

Next to you, you next to me. I need to find you. I gotta find you.

I can sit next to him. I can chat w/ full joke w/ him. Whatta beautiful day! \m/

2 komentar:

  1. wah artikelnya menarik..
    sambil belajar bahsa inggris juga :)..

  2. Socafahreza : Hehehe masih kacau nih bahasa Inggrisnya, sambil belajar juga :p Makasih ya udah baca...


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