Surat Galau untuk Edward

Dear my damn-brother, Edward Cullen.

I know I'm so stupid to write this posting. But I don't know when & where we can have a long time to share our story like in the past.

I know, we're buzy now. 
I know, we're have a lot of duty now. 
I know, everything has changed.

But have you ever think that I miss you?

Actually, I really miss the old us, Edw.

Your silly-vampire-girl,
Alice Cullen 

Ini konyol, honestly I miss you, Edw. Setiap hari emang kita bareng, tapi semuanya dipenuhi sama obrolan tugas, obrolan OSIS. Udah enggak ada waktu buat cerita cerita lagi. Kita bener bener sibuk. 

Apa.. Kita emang enggak punya waktu buat curhat curhatan lagi Ridh?

K, honestly, gue bener bener kangen kita. Kangen Alice-Edward's private jokes. Kangen elo ngegalau soal cewek elo. Kangen gue ngegalau soal dia ke elo. Kangen semuanya.....

*guling guling*

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