Hello, November!

Just makesure that November will be faster than other month:"} *getting crazy*

Finally, moving forward. Good bye October, Hello November. I'm not that excited to welcome this month because I'll be on my final semester exams. No no no, I'm not ready. I need to study harder than before but as you can see, I keep my self busier than ever at school. I dont know why but that's the only way to get out my self from "overthinking" part of a day. 

But I promise to my self since today, I'll fight for my UAS. Let's see what happen next:">

Anyway, time passed by. Everything has changed. Its almost 4 months I've spent my day at SMANDA and suddenly, I forgot about my Junior High School. About my Vancouver. I miss them but I dont feel any homesick again. Yeaaay!

I went to SPENSA after school with my geng ular (Ghinaa, Amin, Detty, Sutan, Tachi + Silvy) and I think its like... I went back to where I usually belong to, but it feels like it isn't my home anymore:{

I miss us, I miss my Vancouver.... Even here I've got lots of new friends, but Vancouver still got their own part of my life. Yaaa I hope you guys enjoy your new life as I am ya!^^

Then now, I have to go. Sleepy as hell. I'm sorry for my bad structure or grammer or what ever. I've tried to write English more nowdays. Have a great Friday Night. Bye pals:}

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