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HAI GUYSSS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm so excited to share with you guys  that my book has officially published yesterday at yeaaay! Even it's blog version, I'm so proud to my self because I can edited this script during my super duper busy days. Hihihi. Here it is, Reasonators!

The sequel of The Reason is You is on the process now. The cover will be the same with blog version but the color will  be different! Haaaaah!:"}

Anyway I know this is too expensive, 105k rupiah. But it is 570 pages guys-__- To get it you can visit this page or send me any text message/whatsapp/line on 087729507872 :} But I wont promote this book as I promote Speak Now because actually I published this book just for my self not for comercial. But if you want to, you can buy it^^

Well, there will be lots of mistake in this post but as I've told you, I have to write English more nowdays. Hihihi. See you on The Reason is You book guys!^^

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