Should we feel regret?

Why people come and go so easily? Why people choose someone to be a home to go back and leave again and back again when they need? Why?

And why after all those stupid things that they do, they always feel regret?

Regrets of this. Regrets of that. Regrets of everything.
And I learned, every people has own reason to do something who makes them feel regret. Well, if you never do some mistakes, takes the wrong choices, do something 'different', you wont ever get a regret and you never learn anything!

It's totally confusing me like should we feel regrets or no because the way we feel that feelings is soooo terrible. But somehow I think we should feel that way so we wont do the same thing again and ya, we wont get any karma! HAHAHA:"}

If you want something, just trust yourself and choose what you want. Do  your best and be fearless. Dont you ever afraid of anything because you wont be anyone if you keep yourself running just inside you. You need to go out and show to world and learn something new from other people!

Then, when you choose something, choose with your heart so when the result comes to you, whatever it is, you will be fine for anything and wont feel regret;)

But if you choose to leave someone then suddenly you feel so regret.. I dont know what should we do on this case except just calm and pray the best for him/her and try to think that.. Ya.. Maybe this is the best way.

So appriciate everything that you have now. You just blessed to be you and have anything you have. Dont try to find out something else which is better than yours. Try to accept what you have and see how awesome they are.

So tell me guys what do you think. Should we feel regret or no? Cheers!

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