Dating with Augustus Waters & Ayesha

Last night was the best part of my entire month like seriously. I've been waiting for so long to watch The Fault In Our Stars and I made it!:>

I'm on my date with Augustus Waters but Ayesha sit next to me so she's like want to distrub our quality time hahaha no, Ayesh. No, you're my best. No kidding.

Well, before we went to cinema, we took some mirror selfie! And I'm like oh my gosh, how gaul I am tonight. Blessed.

I've told you we're just sooo gaul last night

When we walked up to cinema I felt like okay, its okay. Its just a film. No kidding, you've cried before when you read the novel. But no. No kidding again. Seriously, Gus. I cried. Aloud. Like hell, this is painful.


Ansel is perfectly what I've been imagined about Augustus Waters. He looks like an ordinary guy. He just a guy. But every-single-confident-romantic-brave-thing of him was truly Price Charming of a girl's dream. I cant help when he tried to flirt Shailene who role Hazel Grace.


Augustus Waters was soooo funny, charming, kind & gorgeous. He's too gorgeous to be true. He loves Hazel in every situation. He's sweet and tough. He's smart. He's confident. Even he really wants to be remembered in way like "popular guy" but he's kind. He's humble. And Hazel lucky to have him;)

You have to watch this movie!:"}

Okay? Okay.

My best part of this movie is when Issac read his eulogy in prefuneral of Augustus Waters:">

This silly scene must be watched by every TFIOS readers

"But I will say this: When the scientists of the future show up at my house with robot eyes and they tell me to try them on, I will tell the scientists to screw off, because I do not want to see a world without him." -Issac Eulogy

That's Ayesha head lol. She tried hard to took a selfie in front of that poster. She was really tough. Really.

Well well well, after a really hard moment (watching TFIOS after a really long time of waiting-fasting-crying), I have a super fun breakfasting (or dinner maybe) with Ayesha at Solaria. And we're go to XXI (again) to taking some picture in front of the poster and went home...

And I was waiting for my mom open up the door because she locked it...

I lost my keys...

And I was waiting for like 30 minutes (perhaps)....

And my dearest wall was make me feel useless again...

And on the next day I wont meet Linda...

Or Afra...

But perhaps Ayesha...

And Okay.

My night was perfectly awesome.

And I do believe, every girl deserve one Augustus Waters in their life.

3 komentar:

  1. itu baju kaos temennya ga asing, pft ternyata emang kaos UGM wkwkwk

    btw filmnya bikin puasa makruh. gara gara nangis, dan adegan (?), dan sekaligus ga bisa nahan hasrat untuk tidak jatuh cinta pada Augustus Waters.
    And I DON'T believe, every girl deserve one Augustus Waters in their life. I even don't believe the existence of (a boy like) Augustus. tapi kalau

    1. HAHAHAHA iya.. kakaknya anak HI disana kak:p

      AKU BANJIRRR AKU BANJIRRR. Kakak nangis gak?:p

      Well, that just girl wish. Wkwkwk. But i really hope Augustus Waters is exist:">

    2. ya iyalah nangis =))=))
      aku nonton bertiga sama temen2, lagi pada puasa juga, nonton yang jam 1. alhasil kepala kami pusing sampe malam. mungkin karena tubuh lagi kekurangan cairan, harus kehilangan cairan lagi lewat air mata (?)

      hope so. amin aja pokoknya, Augustus Waters bisa jadi imam yang baik di keluarga kita kelak. wkwk


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