May I ask?

First of all let me introduce my self. I'm Titi. I've been watching you for three months and theres so many questions up on my head every minutes I've known you better.

Well, another thing to say you just-so-adorable and dunno how you looks really-different, I mean on good ways, from your friends.

And other thing to know, you just-got-my attention at the first place.

And for your information, there's bunch of girls staring at you the way I look at you.

And you dont know.

Or the fact -or maybe, you dont care.

Perhaps, perhaps.

This question ruined my mind a lot nowdays.

Well, I know for some reason why you're acting that way.




Dont you ever think there's a girl out there who really likes you feeling those heart break every time you ignore her?

Well, that's your choice.


I've tried my best to stay away so I wouldnt be that girl.



Everything led me back to you.

And please..

Help me to do this.

I have to get out of here or no.

Or what do you think?

Any plan?

Oh my goodness.

You're too cool to be true.

For you.
Augustus Waters.
Ansel Elgort.



Posting super ga penting, bye.

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