August Favorite!♥

August already gone a week ago and I'm like.. Oh my god, time flies so fast. Happy september everyone. Busy month coming up!:>

Well, this month I really-really-really in love with Ariana's music. Her beat is my beating. Especially for Problem & Break Free, it's been on the top of my playlist!


Break Free

Moving on to movie time, I have no time to Cinema last month. I didnt watch TV except news channel or Spongebob for sure.... So I have no favorite movie. HAAAAAAAAH:"3

Well last month, I just go to CSB Mall and found that Hammer had 70% discount!! I got this cutie flower dress and you know what... I got the smallest size! HAHAHAHAHA. I'm so happy. *langsung pamer ke temen temen*


It looks really cute and simple^^

Last month I didnt read anything except my school books. I've been busy like hell but I promise my self, in September everything will be change. I have to read at least one book!:">

Anyway I have recommend food for you. As you know I'm so in love with cheese like I could die for it and I found this yummy cheese speard from Chiz. It cost 10k for each pack and I'm in love with this! You have to try one!


I hope you guys have a great September and I'm sorry if I will be busier this month...

I hope everything will be good on September.

Well well well.. I have to go to school!! Happy september everyone:3

Cheers! BHAY!

Note: I've tried my best.

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