Dear people out there...

Please kindly remember that my job -and absolutely my life isnt for please everyone everyday.

I have my own life and perfectly need my own happiness.

Dont keep your eyes on my mistakes and forget all my kindness for you guys.

Im human too.

Please kindly respect and see from other point of view.

Im not clown.

I know you guys maybe have some problems so you cant control your emotion. And me too.

Why I have to so patient when everybody never understand me?

Okay. You can blame me. But please just stop always blaming on me. Im human too. I can make mistakes. Just please.

Just please dont.

Im kinda tired of trying being good at everything especially on understand people because I need someone to understand me too.

Please see something from other point of view too. Please see something with those situation.


Dont only think about you. Think about me too.

Because Im human too.

Watch your words.

Words = hurt.

Twinkyu twinkyu little star.

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