Dear diet-girl

This life IS NOT about HOW THIN YOU ARE. But it is about HOW COULD YOU THANKFUL YOUR GOD and RESPECT TO YOURSELF for everything that YOU HAVE.

Eat what you want until you realize that YOU DONT NEED IT.

Eat when you want until you realize IT'S NOT THAT GOOD FOR YOU.


Believe that YOU CAN.

Living a HEALTHY LIFE MUCH BETTER than being thin and suddenly gone.

Dont think about your weight. Or your habit that couldnt stop eating easily.

It will stop if you believe you can.

Just being healthy and happy......

And you'll lost weight soon!

Xoxo, dari seorang remaja yang sudah lelah bertahun tahun "PENGEN KURUUUUS" but suddenly, everything like a shit when stress came up. Thanks to breelovesvlogs who remind me how perfectly I am in my own way.

Thank you:"}

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