13 days to 17☆

Well today I went to Aca's house to make a surprise for Bella and him. But Bella cant come to our "meet up" because she want to go to visit Mba Khansa.

Today, as always, 26 wasnt complete team. There's 4 Raffles (Titi, Dini, Kibo & Nadia) and 5 Jawali (Aca, Ghorby, Gestu, Naufal, Esar). But yes, we do lots of fun!!

Happy birthday Ayah Aca!!!!!!!

I dont know where is Ridho. I cant contact him but he sent me a picture of mini tumpeng nasi kuning as I requested for my birthday wkwkwk:p

I'm glad that I still have a chance to meet up with them.

NEXT MONTH! January 2nd. Gestu's turn. But he said he didnt want anything.. Yayayayaya and absolutely I dont believe him:)

13 days to be 17.

Seventeen isnt just a number. Its more than age. Its symbol of.... being grown up?

Im not sure what Im talking about but I have already got my cover for Regrets and Revenge. I cant wait for the last 4 chapters!:)



I do care to many people and it doesnt mean I like them the way girls like boys. You know what I mean dude.

And now I dont have any crush.

No one.

And absolutely I dont think I might be back to my crushes. Love is cruel now. And for me...

Better to stop thinking about this(;

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