14 days to 17☆

Last night... I was dreaming about you.

I dont know why it happened and I'm not sure why you have to come again.. I mean.. Yes I miss you.
The way friend should be missing their friend(:

Yesterday it was an awkward situation when I looked back and you just look at my sight. And our eyes caught each others.

And I'm like... Okay. Its okay.

Yeaterday I know you want to kill someone or if you could you want to kill me when someone shouted our name together.

And I'm like... It's past.

What's past is past dude.

You choosed to gone, and I did my choice to.

I've run away.

I want to ask you. Why? Just why?

I just want you to know that I'm not "just a girl" who cant do anything good. I mean, I could do something.

I could.

Abang keep talking about you and I think that's full of shit. I have run away. I have moved on.

And I have forgot you(:

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