15 days to 17☆

So today I've been busy of doing so many works.... *mikir*

Well in the morning I went to Stadion Bima with my sister, Shifa. We just had a really good sunday morning for both of us.

Yeay yeay

Next, Aza came to my house. We had rehearsal for performing at Devita's Sweet17 birthday party. We've tried.... 12 songs?:"> And yes, of course, as always, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together as lagu kebangsaan Titi-Aza was played.

Of course. We did!

He just soooooooo easy to found out Blank Space's keys.

And I recorded one of our rehearsal. It's Everybody Knew by Citra Scholastika. Let me know if you want more cover from us by likes, repost & share it to other!!

And yes.. We went to Devita's birthday and perform 6 songs include another lagu kebangsaan, Maps by Maroon5. Happy birthday Devita!!

She's one of my friend from OSIS:>

The birthday girl:3

He was singing with me, featuring for I Heart You & I Dont Want To Miss A Thing:}}

My PPK girls! There's Sanu & Ilham but they didnt take some photo with us, as always:p

Well my dear... 15 days to my 17th January 5th.

And it means I have to do something! But I dont know what I should do....

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