16 days to 17☆

Oh my dear.. My raport isnt good enough but some of them better than last term.
And you know whatttt, I've got C+ for Physics because I didnt take my UTS. And! I've got almost perfect for Biology, A- for pengetahuan, A for keterampilan & SB for sikap...

I'm such of dont care about Physics and keep celebrating my Biology score wkwk:p

How's yours?

Anyway.... Ayesha gave Afra, Linda & me some surprise and I REALLY LOVE IT!!!! She painted my faverite quotes in pink color and oh my god its soooo adorable! Check out Ayesha (@ayeshanadyam) and Linda (@lindadesy29) for Afra & Linda's painted(:

Look! Its sweet right?:)

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