17 days to 17☆

This morning when I get up, I realize that its the end of the 3rd term. It means that I just have 3 terms left in my Senior High School.

What have I done?

I'm not sure I've done something in a couple years.

Well... I'm afraid to meet up with my raport. I hope it will be better than last term because I've fight for this more than the last 2 terms.

Today I decided to enjoy my last "holiday" as in eating free because tomorrow I will start my diet and workout for seriously. In 2 weeks I will be 17 and I dont want to be this fat.

I mean losing some weight will be good for my health beside it will be make me slimmer than now.

He he he because life isnt about how slim you are, right?:p

I will miss Electron48 for sure especially Eskul Peneliti which makes Alvin and me as better partner right now. Even he still hate me but I know he tried not to hate me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well.. Happy saturday everyone(;

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