7 DAYS TO 17☆ (a week to go)

Today I went to CSB Mall with my sister. We bought something and watched Pendekar Tongkat Emas. The movie was awesome even the ending wasnt as I expected to be.
And I met him. Romeo.
He was with his girlf. And its one of my old friend.
And. I knew he saw me.
But. Im just too shy to meet him. I mean.......
Gue masih gini gini aja. Gendut. Pendek. Tidak sepintar dulu. Tidak secantik gadis gadis lain.
Gak ada yang bisa gue banggakan. Or atleast.. look at me. Such a mess.
This is one of my reason why gue males reuni reuni. Minder. Temen temen gue udah...... Udah sukses. Gue?
Another thing to say, a week left. And also 4 days to Gestu's birthday. And also 8 days to my flight.

I just dont know what to say.

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