It's so you

So yesterday, I never thought that after 8 months of us then I didnt feel anything the way it was.

I've run again, bro.

I thought we've just run together but the fact is we're not run together.

I thought we've the same way but the fact you're not always run beside me.

Maybe we did.

But we have changed our destination, right?

I'm so thankful that my works did pay off when everything gonna be normal again.

And I do hope you realize that those name of guys which our friends keep talking or you do find it in my conversation wasnt someone who will change you.

Cause no one will change you.

But I do replace you to another room of this heart.

Or maybe the truth is after I've tried to run by my self, I could leave those pain.

I know those awkward eyes will say to keep stay away. But you have to know..

I have tried to run. And leave. And I did.

So please...

Just dont treat me that way again.

Because maybe this is my fault of being in love with you 8 months ago.

Or its your fault done something which was seems like flirting with me.

Or maybe its just the fault in our stars....

Then ya, yesterday we laughed again and everything seems come back.... it's so you.

Happy monday, bro. Rock your stage today;)

Super note: I do hope everything will be okay. Sorry for those awkward moment. I do miss you tho.

But i've left, you know?

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