January Favorites -Resigned PurwaCaraka?!

Sooo! I've been in love with Ed Sheeran - X album because his voice was soooo adorable and I cant help my self like seriously..... This album is one of a good pleasure for your busy day!

My fave:3

Next. Book! Oh well.. Four by Venorica Roth was ah-mazinggggg! If you've already read Divergent series, you should read this one. Heartbreaking ever... TOBIASSSS!

I bought it at Malaysia when I was waiting for my flight

Last but not least, drama movies will always be my favorite. And I've watched those 2 heart-breaking movies which is If I Stay and What If. I dont like writing a summary because I thought my readers should watch it by themselves and surprisely shock with their emotions when watching the movie. But I really recommend both of them for you drama lovers. It's worth it!

Honestly wherever I see Daniel, I see Harry Potter inside of him... Even in this movie, I always think he is "a normal Harry Potter" HAHA lol. But you guys, this is worth it. Friendship, family, friendzone.. You should try.

I want to tell you this, since this January, I've resigned from PurwaCaraka and ESC. Even in a second (like 2 levels more) I will be graduate from ESC and in a second I will upgrade my level at Purwa but.. I dont know, I just.. Tired. 7 years at Purwa and 11 years at ESC... I'm enough.

I try to find something new but still, I have to study English and keep improving my vocal.

I just........

I just need a new me. 

See ya!:}

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