Take A Deep Breath

Why life is getting so complicated?

Actually, no.

Sometimes you're the one who makes thing getting complicated. Just try to ignore everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Everything will be ok.

I'm about hating this situation. I'm kinda tired and feel so bad nowdays. Just trying to escape but it doesnt help much.

I know I pushed people to leave or maybe I just leave them without any words. But then, what should I say with this feeling?

They will judge me. They will think I'm bad enough. They won't be able to understand what I really want to.

What happened dear me?

Why are you so upset to everyone?

Did you forget Allah always hug you and hold your hand even human leaving you?

Instead thinking about what people think, why don't you just think about yourself?

How are you?

Have you been good?

It's okay to run away, but don't try to look back. Wish they wont leaving. Wish they will understand.

But I'm not sure.

Sometimes something will end up untold.......

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