Gramedia Grage Mall Bazaar: COMICS HAUL!!

Well, yesterday I drove my mom & dad to Grage Mall because My Dad want to bought new phone. He's got the new Lenovo A7000 and can't-get-over-his-phone all day long. HAHAHA. 

I've planned to bought some books if I go to Grage Mall because the only one Gramedia store in Cirebon is in Grage. The biggest Gramedia hasn't done yet, so yeah I went to Grage and found Gramedia do some baazar!! The price isn't low as I expect to for novels but when I've found comic shelf...


For your information, the price for M&C! standart comic now is about 20k Rupiah for each comic which means sooo expensive!!! And now I've got NEW COMIC for about 5K RUPIAH FOR EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:"}

Then of course, I've got lotssssssssss of comic. I've got 8 comics which I really really want to have it for a long time, but I cant get it because it's too expensive, and now.. Yeah. I love you so much Gramedia!!

PS: I've already read 3 of 8 comics and I really really recommend you guys to read Love Zipper & Goodbye but I Love You because those comics are amazing! You should got one!:p


I'll catch you again tomorrow! See yaaa! xoxoxo

Photo by: Canon 1000D / Lens 28-200 by Sigma / ISO 1600 
Location: Kamer Tipluk bqiqiqi

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  1. Goceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenngg!!!! Aaaaakk.. Hahaha eh itu yang diskon cuman komik kayak gitu ya? Yang untuk cewek-cewek gitu?


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