Introducing Senior Year Survival Guides

For this project, there are some information that you should know.

1. This senior year survival not only for high schoolar (XII). I believe it also works on the senior year of elementary & junior high school. (VI & XI)

2. This project will be written by me and my friends who I spread to 3 posts. I have 2 posting in trio style & 1 posting in duet style.

3. You may know that I havent in senior year of high school but believe me, I've think about it and I thought the idea of having collabs with my friends who already done their senior year will be great for you because it will be more actual and trusted. But I do finished my senior year of elementary & junior high school so yeaaaah.. Don't think I'm not good enough wlee:p

4. This project has 3 stage which I really recommend you to follow the step of reading it to get the better impact for your point of view of senior year. It will be: motivation, preparation, focus on study. Because I believe the senior grade is all about study and fight!

5. I want to say thank you & lets have a great senior year together!!!

It's all from me. Lets start.. TOMORROW!!!!

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    1. the project is already out now! terima kasih kakak;3


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