Ramadhan with Alice episode 9: Idul Fitri 2015

So this year, my Idul Fitri just done well. My big family had great lunch time. I was having a good time with my sisters and we just made a cover on my youtube!!! Its something that I really want to do from a longgg time.

But we didnt take a photo as bigfam on Idul Fitri day. We'd made it when my mom threw a bigfam breakfasting two weeks ago. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah...

ALSOO!!! I had my first call from Dimas since he'd been gone to Akpol. I dont know when he'll be able to call me again but I was crying when he called me. I miss my bigbro really bad. I hope he'll pass everything there. Fight dut!!

Thank you for all your supports for this project!! As well for my collab friends, thank you for helping me!!! I will miss this Ramadhan... See you next year:')

Rapuh - Joniear Arif cover by Titi, Fira, Fetty, Putri. (I'M BEING GUITARIST!!)

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