Summer holiday will be over in TWO DAYS

I cant sleep again when my alarm just wake me up and remind me that I have 2 days left until Summer Holiday is over.

What I've done? Nothing.

I spent my whole 7 weeks to do nothing because I was too tired to be so productive during my long 6 months in 4th term. It was the best term ever on high school which I really felt the pleasure of being high schoolar.

Next Monday, I wont wake up and counting how many days I have to keep staying at bed because I have to go to school. Somehow it feels so sucks to go to school. But I was thinking about having great journey with my senior year classmate & friends.

Today I'll go to smanda and have some choir practice with SGV. I'm pretty sure I wont sing anything today because I've got flu and I dont think I'd like to sing or evern just talk.

So many things happened in a few days. Something made me happy, something made me upset. Up and down this week is really hard you know.

Anyway I havent pack and buy my school supplies yet. How about yours? Make sure you have anything you need because we will rock this term!!!!!!!!

Ps: my phone internet connection died last night and im not sure my dad just makes the wifi works. So I hope you do lots of fun today! Will see ya in very soon.

Super ps: I had took a big dicision last night. I was crying out loud but yes, goodbye everything sucks.

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