Welcome July: Summer holiday & a change

26 days until school begins. I have 5 weeks for this Summer Holiday and I spent 2 weeks for nothing.

Now is the beginning of new month. New life. New story.

I've made my promise: focus to do the things I want to get & ignore everything sucks.

Like you guys, maybe. I know you dont like me and I never wish to beg somebody to be my friends. So it's a pleasure if we don't bother with each other's life.

I don't give a shit on you.

Like you, my scale. And you, my gym. And you, my kitchen. Please, be kind. Let's get 10 kg less. We can!

You, books & my bimbel. I've give shit on you but dont worry, we'll have great time soon.

You, my draft. Okay. We're running with new ideas.

And you, my readers. Take a sit and keep reading because in the beginning of August as I've told, we'll just meet up on weekend.

Yes. A change. Talk less, prove more.

Bismillah ya Allah... Berkah-Mu;")

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