How I Survive My High School: Falling In Love

Let me tell you that once in your high school life you must have a cursh with somebody. You have to feel the experience of being in love and those heartbreaks. I know it will be so cheesy but hey, high school love story? Who expected the good ending, eh?

I know for some people when they come to high school, they think about having serious relationship. But I'm not sure it will be lasts like, you know... We're only teenager -a kid who already being a teenager. I'm not talking about taking a vow of forever, its only about loving somebody and enjoy the moment.

Who doesnt love being in love and be loved by someone we love?

Ok, I know how hard the situation will be when someone you love just treat you as friend, or they just like "HEY YOU ARE MY FRIEND" and you're like "I DONT GIVE A SHIT ON FRIENDZONE THING, YOU KNOW" or maybe they just treats you like they dont give a shit because ya.. They really dont get interested on you.

It's ok. You have to trust me that NOT EVERYBODY will have a very happy ending in falling in love. So dare yourself to loving somebody. What is the benefit of loving somebody? Of course you gotta find that yourself is WORTH IT to be loved when those sparks fly lead you to positive way.

DO NOT EVER JUDGE YOURSELF BECAUSE THE GIRL WHO SIT NEXT TO HIM IS PRETTIER THAN YOU. It's not fair when we're talking about feelings and suddenly physical appearance IS IN THE TOP OF EVERYTHING.

Let me tell you this;




Being rejected by society when you love somebody is a common thing of life. When you have a crush with your friend's ex or have a relationship with your bestfriend's ex, everybody will judge you but hey........ Its your relationship, isnt it? Judgement is a must thing in high school, but if you do something in good way, dont take it serious.

Dont worry about heartbreaks. Those thing will replace the sparks fly, it will be hurted you -I know how worst it is. But it's ok, everyone gonna got the heartbreak in the end to have a lesson, right?

So falling in love with someone isnt bad idea. But those sparks fly makes me sick and heartbreaks makes me want to feel it again. The only thing I can do is believe in my self and enjoy the moment.

So that's how I survive my high school;)

To be continued...

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