How I Survive My High School: Being Judged

I'm trying hard to make everything look nice but outside the door they keep throwing those shit which makes me not comfortable anymore.

I used to say people may judge you and its ok thats what we called as a life. But dont you think hated someone's life makes you look better than them?

Ok physically yes. Or maybe no.

Somehow people who judge someone is the one who being judged by others or having unhappy life. Im not sure but for my experiences they just throw those shit to makes them looks better. And I believe everyone would say no about this.

The silly question came up when the judgers isnt inner cicrle with the person who being judged. What happened? Is there any problem when someone do what u think they dont deserve it?

Another silly question makes me feel everything really like a shit when they just got tons of problem with someone's looks or whom they have relationship with. Is that too much?

Sometimes, its all gets little too much, I believe.

No makesense to be honest when those people just make some comment for someone's life but THEY DONT WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT.

Oh Im sorry my dear, I just talking about people in general. Not only you... Hehehe if you're feeling like im talking about you.

The best thing when youre being judged is be as strong as possible. I know it may hurts, a lot, but dont worry. High school wont lasts forever, my dear. Its only 3 years. Real society must be harder than this. You have to be stronger!

Let them talk about you but keep listen and filter everything they said about you. IT HURTS SERIOUSLY I KNOW HOW FOOL IT FEELS. But lets take a look to be better person.
The more they judged me, the more I felt my spirit came up from the bottom of my heart. I have to be focus!! And you guys have to hehehehe.

I believe happiness came to people who being thankful about their life no matter how hard it is. Being thankful isnt easy, my dear but lets run and try to be more positive. Let the bad things make you as better  person and let the no-make-sense leaving you to be a rumour which they cant approved to.

That's how I survive my high school;)

To be continued..

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