Someday, somewhere far away..

At the first time, it was a mess.

I still remember how I cried everysingle night in a week. How worst I felt the hole in deep down of my chest getting bigger everyday. How a song could made me cry even I was driving in 60 KM/hours. How dissapointed I am to realize that you didn't even say sorry.

The more I think about you, the more I keep my self yelling at you. It was the worst broke up I've ever had because a past few weeks before we left each other there's no literally talk about our problem.

You've kept it alone. You said it's useless to told me your feelings.

I was a mess when you said you were leaving.

I thought it would be so hard to be without you, then it was really hard at first. I kept blaming my self of our broke up. But suddenly as time goes by, I just let you go.
It doesn't mean I do jerk as you. It's just another way to tell that I'm not that jerk as you.

Did you remember that we both broke many promises?

As I've watched Koala Kumal with someone else. As you've given up on me.

But I've done my last promise to wait until you've got your university and then walk away from your life. I really did it..

So when you keep asking to me.. To find someone else.. Or to dated a guy that keep flirting on me.. You must have known why lately I got really mad on you..

Because I really mean it when I said I want to keep us. I want to be with you. When I bet.. You didn't really mean it.

Hey, dear you..

It was magically happiness to have you. It was precious. It was really nice. But Im so sorry to let you down. Im so sorry that my love couldnt keep us up. Im so sorry of my bad attitude. Im so sorry I cant be the girl that you dreamed of.

If someday, or maybe right now, you've found someone else.. Just send my love to her.. Treat her better.. Be happy. Allah can made the two of us fall in love each other. Allah also can tear us apart. Thank you for those shitty nice memories you gave before Im leaving this city. Have a great life..

If you asked me whether am I okay or still in the "broke up zone" then maybe I could tell you that..

As time goes by, time will heal the pain; our pain. It couldnt be gone forever or in a minute. But slowly gonna be much better.

We'll meet again. 1. 3. 5. 7. Even 10 years after the last day I saw you walking to cross the street in front of our high school after I was pretending to be happy when a really messy conversation just happened a day before.

Maybe someday. Maybe somewhere far away....

a month after you're leaving and I'm pretty much fine

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