Please just send my love to your new lover♥

Today is August 17th. I went to school in the morning to attend Flag Ceremony for Indonesian Independence Day. I walked thru' the corridor and realize that my high school time was over. Then when SGV was singing before their show, I was standing where I used to be and looked around.

Time flies so fast.

Tomorrow my ex will be moving from the city. He was asking my life's update when I've nothing really matters in a week except my grandpa's story. He asked me whether I've another option for the next boyfriend nor there's one of my ex asked me to come back (and yes, its not him, obviously). 

I was thinking about being cruel and blocked his contact the minute he treated me too nice (I said too nice because he broke my heart then come along at a really bright night to asking me the 'are you okay?' question and I'm like seriously, you dont have to tried so hard tho' cause I'm no longer yours). Or maybe I should throw him bunch of my happiness so he knows that I'm perfectly happy without him.

But then I realize, all he need is my blessing for his life.

So I just asking him several question about his life, his family especially his mom & his sister who really nice to me, I'm so blessed. I was checking whether his life is okay (when I know his life must be very okay than mine) when he's checking mine too. 

Then I sent him 3 of Adele's song which is totally related on this situation and asked him to choose; Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Rolling in The Deep & Someone Like You. It's not a really big deal to guess which one is selected by him; "lagu pertama bagus."

I told him right away; "Send my love to your new lover, okay."

I'm not mad. I'm not sad. I've forgiven it all. 

But I have to tell him.. To send mine to his new lover.. Because deep down, I exactly know how worst it feels to be his own but being loved not as much as I love him. Yeah, sounds so cheesy but that's  the truth.

Oh well, he asked for a forgiveness. "Ti maaf ya."

The day he asked for leaving is the day I realize that one day, someone will come and treat me much better than him. Someone will come and never let me down. Someone will come and wont give up on me. Someone will come and give a try on our relationship.

Someone who will loves me. Someone that we both know... He is not him.

I don't care about our memories. I don't care about how cruel what he did to me. I don't care how worst our goodbye. I don't care about his new lover. I don't care about their relationship. All I wish he wouldn't do the same thing over and over again. All I want he really keep his words to change and try to make our friendship status be easier and real.

All I want is to be happy.

And also to watch his life full of happiness too.

So I'm smiling to encourage my self and replied him with all of my sincerity. This is the right way to leave my past away and start a brand new day. "Yang bahagia ya.."

I set you free. You set me free. Insha Allah.. We will be happy in our way.

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