7 days to go: Worry too much, but I have my Edward Cullen

I'm on the worst part of being struggle.
He also in struggle.
But as you can see.. How he keep me up when I'm feeling down..

That's why this friendship really lasts, and I hope it will be.
Lagi struggle aja dia masih punya banyak ide DI LUAR PERMINTAAN GUE untuk dia berikan pada gue. I'm sho' speechless sampe gak tau harus respon apa.

But I'll do my best. Because in my life, I have a really good bestfriend like him.

I'm weird as Alice Cullen.
But fortunately..
I have my Edward Cullen right beside me.
So I'm not afraid anymore;)

dari malam yang penuh duka dan drama
i really wish bisa cepet main dan ketemu
sama jaffles
sama Tetu
kangen Tetu

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