A day to go: Someone like you

Im asking my self in awhole 6 years with this question: will in find someone like you?

It kills us,  you know. And it turns to be so painful everytime we're separated.

But as you called my name and I didnt listen.  As you turned to your own path which is different with my own.  As I realize we've separated and I thought I could catch you up so I run to you.  As I called your name but you just turn back for awhile and keep walking.  As I can stopped your step but we didnt talk much..

As I said,  "hello" but you didnt have anything to say.  As I wish you would ask me to come with you or even only asking for my life nowdays but its only my wish.  As we looked each other awkwardly..

As I turned back and leaving, you just watched me leaves then continue your own business....

It kills,  but it feels so real.

That after all this time,  I've found the answer. Its okay if he wont be like you,  but atleast..  He will loves me,  he will fights for me..  He will do anything you've never done for me.. He will be someone who will take away all of my pain from someone like you.

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