Those who make a time, those who wants to stay.

Purwokerto, April 2017

It is a really good moment when you finally meet someone new and awhole new stuff successfully distract you from the previous story. But back then, when the comparation constantly happens, what should I do?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that no one can be replaced or even changed each other. It was only a motivational quotes which try to encourage you that when you finally find someone new, everything will change. But the truth is nothing changes much until you can believe to start another new chapter.

Unfortunately when you are believing yourself to have an opportunity to make a HAPPINESS come true... It must be something which turns wrong and ruined everything.

Here's the deal:

If someone make a serious time for you in his/her hectic days, saying hi for only tell you his/her day, asking for your daily story, MAKE A SPACE for you even a bit and keep the conversation alive.. Then you shouldn't be afraid to put more effort on build up your relations with him/her.

But if he/she isn't doing that kind of thing. ...

Let's think about this:

What are you fighting for?

To a friend of mine,
who being confused of a guy who unfortunately good but seems inconsistent,
who being distracted for awhile,
but she deserves someone who fight for her,
not the one who ASKED to be fight for,
or even the one who didn't appreciate for what she had been doing for him.

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