Hello, my future. #30DaysWritingChallenge


Dear my future...

Hello. Let me introduce you to The 20 years old of Titi who is sitting in London School Radio right now. I don't know how to start, but nice to meet you.

I'm currently in the middle of my 20 years old journey. At the beginning, it was pretty fun and I'm so happy because I was surrounded by good people. But then, someone betrayed me, and someone I loved hurt me much more than what he had been done. It led me to this area; trust issues. I can't easily talk deeply with people like the old days... I can't exactly tell people what I feel.. And it's hard to open the door and say hello to someone new.

So if you're here, I'm glad that I'm finally make it;)

Anyway, I'm fuckin' stubborn. Childish, but acting like mature. Looks independent, but I'm only a woman.. Sometimes I need someone to lean on. Looks strong, but I'm fragile inside. Hardworker, sometimes, hehe. But procastination is my current hobby when I get burnout. 

I don't exactly have a dream.. Because I've been living my dream since I was a kid. Since I built up this blog. Since I forced my self to stand up for my own stage. And here I am, writing at my own kingdom, my own palace, at 20 years old.

I hope you're more mature than me. I hope you understand me..

My life won't be easy; it will be ruined with so much dramas. But I bet it will be fun if you love me from who I am, not from what you want me to be. I can't be compared. I will be turn into wild.. Sarcastic.. And changes.. To be someone new, someone you might know, but its's not me.

I hope you will love me from who I am.

I hope you will love what I do. I hope you will appreciate what I'll do for you.

I hope you are the one... who will fulfill my needs.

I need someone to understand me.. and stop making me want to change to be someone else. 

I need someone to love, but first, he will let me love my self.

Dear my future,

welcome to Alice in Tipluk's World. I hope you're enjoying your ride with me.


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