Thank you.

Never expected that I could survived the previous dramas and issues. Never thought that it would be you, after all this time, who breaks the wall and encourage me to believe someone else again. I never stopped thanking God that I took the opportunity that you gave me earlier; to know you more, to let you know me more.

Now I know that love couldn't appeared in a rush. Love takes time. The feelings of trusting each other is new thing for me. I learnt to trust people again. I learnt to lower my expectation and be thankful for whatever I have.

No one would expect that we would be this far, as they know form the outside that we couldn't be this far. But thank you for always trying to understand and makes me happy. Nothing is greater than someone who try to makes you happier than before.

Thank you for being so gentle. Thank you for being you. Thank you for never comparing me with someone else. Thank you for let me think wisely. It takes time to handling each other, but at least, thank you for always trying. You are braver than I thought. 

You won't ever ask because I know you're not kind of that guy. But having you around is like added another joy to my life. I'm happy with you, and that's all I could say. No reasons, no coercion.

It's just me, and I'm happy with you.

PS: Kamu itu yang menambah bahagia hidup aku. Kalau kamu buat aku sengsara, memang nggak bisa kita bersatu. Januari kali ini lebih seru, karena ada kamu.

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