a r o u n d

She turned off her phone as she realize how it really ruined her intuition.
She never been this way too believe in someone else.
She always let negative energy around her to be prepared for the worst cases.
But her heart breaks too deep when her man told her not to having bad things around.
Her question tonight was this little thing;

Is it a yes?

She hoped it is not.
Because she believed in him more than she could believe herself.
Meanwhile herself still questioning; why falling in love is this hurtful when everyone say love is the best feeling you could ever get?

He pushes her away everyday,
But pull her over serveral times.
He believes everything will come naturally at once.
She tried hard to keep it as low-key as he wished, but the way he pushed her away just hurt her too deep.

She cried a lot in her sleep.
She never picked up her friends calls in a week.
She couldn’t stand still on her feet.
She really misses the man who she loves too deep.

He doesn’t like her to be around,
Because she is way too childish, too sensitive, too boring, too busy,
She is nothing but another responsibility that he doesn’t want to takes care of,
Because he believe love won’t be this stressful when its around.

She likes him to be around,
Because he is way too childish, too sensitive, too egotistical, too busy,
He is nothing but another responsibility that she wants to take care of,
Because she believe love will always try to grow together in order to be better version of us.

He doesn’t let her know that he is stressing out about her self,
While she always let him know what she had to change to become a better man.
That’s makesense how he want to set himself free from the girl who is too much thinking about future,
While this man still looking for world and adventure.

She loves him too much,
As he shouted at her on public,
As he never be proud of her in front of his friends,
As he forgot that she loves the musician which he will go to her concert,
As he ignored her days,
As her friends say he should walk away,
She believes to stay.

Because no one knows what she deserves.

She just want to see the man she loves grow better around her.

But he pushed her away.

He pushed her away.

He pushed her away.

Because he believes he doesn’t deserve this kind of woman;
Well, what he deserves then?

He doesn’t realize how hurtful she is,
Until she decided to left and let herself isn’t available around.
He tries to find her,
But the more he try,
The more he lost himself around.

She loves him too bad,
That she could seek around,
Then she wishing to be come back,
And let him to stay around.

They meet each other after lost one another,
She loves him too bad,
That he couldn’t have to ask,
But he is better to be grateful to have her around.

They love each other after hating one another,
He hates her too bad,
Because he knows he couldn’t handle her soul inside,
So he decided to let her go to outside.

They look at each other after ignoring one another,
She still loves him,
And thats when she finally asked;
Why you’re not trying to find me when I’m not around?

They touch each other’s hands after shouting at one another,
He misses her too bad,
To finally could say;
I belive you would stay around if we’re meant to be one.

They hug each other after being mad for years,
They try to find one another in someone else’s mind,
But the turth is,
They can’t forget each other while aren’t having them around.

That’s how she realizes sometimes we should be separated,
To learn that something shouldn’t be taken for granted.

That’s how he realizes sometimes we couldn’t see what we’ve already had,
Because we are too busy to find something else.

Now around him is the best place she could have ever been.
While for him, get her back around is the best gift that he could have ever dreamed.

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