for what it's worth

Quick update, it's 8/31 days left to be the 6th term student of LSPR Jakarta. Setelah final test ini berakhir, gue akan berkutat dengan skripsi, magang dan juga S2. No more following up shits at London School Radio, no more classes every Monday - Thursday. No more replacement class on Friday. 

I'm crying.

Things getting better and I bet, I'm trying hard to be as strong as I could be. 

I wasn't sure about future, but all I know I'm a protagonist - ENFJ. Things as ENFJ gonna be super perfectionist in every ways. But sometimes, it's okay to slow down the speed and enjoy the ride... Iya kan?

Untuk apapun yang berharga, I won't let it down.

PS: Arka is having something big tomorrow, wish him a luck. Xoxo.

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