35 Days To Go: I met someone like you

Dear Arka, if you are outside the world, I hope you’re happy and healthy. I’m being pretty well —even those things messed me up, but luckily they don’t destroy me.

Arka, I met someone like you. Twice in two months. The first one kinda you on the next 8 years; independent, workaholic, passionate, wild but keep the pressure inside. This man loves mountains and challenges as you do —it brings me hope that one day I would see you happy being you. But he seems lonely. He might not believe in love; but if you do, please remember this gurl loved you with all of her heart. Not to mention you thrown her away —but you deserved to be loved, because you’re more than enough to be you.

The next one, just seems like you. The way he wrote his words, the way he spoke, the way he struggled with his confidence just reminded me of you. But as I saw him, I believe that every people who has those kind of issues would find someone who will help them to turning their page. I might not the one who helped you, because I turned my self to be disasters on your life. I hope... If we meet again, I could help you cure yourself rather than hurt you over and over.

Its been 3 months and Gita Gutawa’s Bukan Permainan still played on my head everytime you treat me OK then the next day you dumped me like I will always destroyed you. But the thing that I want you to know.. It’s not only you.. It’s hurt me too. Please...


6 days to your birthday —35 days to my birthday. You’ll turn into 20 years old guy; charming with every good things in your hands. While me will turn into 22 years old gurl; struggling with thesis, my S2 classes and workplace.

Everyday I tell Allah that may He cure us; because He will be the best remedy of our hearts despite of times and all the stuff that we have to taken care of. May you be healed... Or even if life would works properly —may you feel what I felt, so you may understand why I was fighting for you so bad.

I’m okay if you’re coming back; I’m okay if Allah tell you to.

But I’m no longer fighting for you.

Here's to you July - Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges.

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