3 am panic attack.

So I should've done my book on April 28th BUT, unfortunately, life won't always goes as we expected. I've got migrain for two days in row and didn't even do my job at work properly. I woke up at 2 am, scrolling out my social media and just remembered that today is the due of my final script. I should send the whole part to my thesis advisor -my 3 thesis advisor on May 1st and the truth is there's 4 chapters PLUS 1 epilog to go. It's the climax of the story and I'm so scared to think of how I would put them on words.

But I decided to go through my notes and write down all the to do list for today and Goddamn even I've sorted things out and cut off unnecessary work, I've got a lot of things to be done by the end of the day. That's where I realize I've got panic attack that leads me to headache. 

Then. I decided to go to Eric Nam's social media, take a look of how he's doing all his work and started to calm my self down. I may not be like Eric Nam in a second, but he could do all the shits that burn him out; so I would, I could and I should.

Because I couldn't get another 30 mintues to sleep, so I wake up, take my laptop and write this note on my blog. Hopefully, by the end of the day, means today around 23.59 PM, I could just write down something and tell my self that I could make it. I could make those things work and I'm going to sleep.

I believe I could.

Huuuuuft. Okay, you've got this. You've handled things way much worst than this. So you just gotta work lil bit harder and you'll be graduated as S.I.Kom soon. Don't you want it?

By the way, my shoulder and neck are so... Hurt in the way I couldn't explain. Well that's my schedule but I started this day, fuckin early in the morning doing my job for work, so I could be little bit calm and take things easy when comes to writing my book. I could. i won't let this love die young.

Love means my hopes and dreams.

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