not fair.

So I think you've met somebody new, right? I'm not sure, but it's seems you do. To be honest, I've got this kind of feelings you know? When you're not supposed to be care enough but still you got some guts that make your shits stick of it in a very very long time. Not to mention how harsh you're when you kicked me out from your lists. But I'm pretty sure the feeling is kinda mutual, we don't want to deal with one another. 

Well another honest statement in this hour, which is 4.48 in the morning, that I like the term that we're living our live without touching others. But I don't like the fact, if you might have somebody new... Just a little bit sooner than me. I know it's been a year since you vanished all the shits you might have feel about me and abandon all the feeling I had back then. WELL it's also a rough 7 months after I thought I've getting over you. But why I'm not in the mood of "okay" once I knew you might find someone?

I don't want you to be.

Or I might have telling God to let you got one and finally understand how'm I doing back then. I'm not sure the reason of this awkward feeling, but I don't want you to find somebody new because it scared me... It makes me feel worthless for some point. Well you might find it silly, I told people through my writing that if you love somebody, then set it free.

But how could I be okay if I saw you with somebody new while the closure I got from our relationship stand still like scar that wouldn't be vanished in a blink of an eye? In short and really simple sentence; why on earth you could find somebody new when sometimes I still think about you??? Like today, like this fuckin' hour, when I should do my thesis and all I'm doing just thinking how world doing this to me. Why. You've neglected my feelings and you COULD find someone to fulfill your heart and satisfaction sooner than this girl? Can't belive this happened again.

I'm selfish, but hey, you left scar that couldn't be cure at all.

God, to be honest, this is kinda not fair.

thanks tumblr.

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