12.30 pm burn out.

Yesterday I did finish my book.

But today when I woke up, I have to do the revision then send it to my thesis conselour & my readers... And I have to do my Korean class.. And do the content for work.. And do the article journal.. And I've got promise a friend to help her because she used to help me...

I'm crying in the middle of the day because my body isn't healthy enough to sit all day long or stay all night to do all the work. The headache, the ache everywhere. I'm so fucked up.. I want to giving up.....

But I cant. I really need a break.

Everyone talks about how they don't know what to do anymore while this quarantine, but in the last 3 weeks I've got no proper sleep because I'm sick and I've got too many things to do. 

I'm fucked up. Help. Someone, please. Help.

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