everything will fall back at its place

It was the best night ever. When I could see you laughed with the one you used to spend your time with. When I heard your lame jokes without bitterness in your words. When she finally said your name in front of people again after years. When you guys broke the bad talk they used to have about you both.

I’m not gonna lie that I really love to see you two back as a couple. But this time, in the real world, where no script to be followed and no responsibility to taken care of someone else’s feelings. Just you and her, beneath the moon and stars, singing to the best love songs you’ve ever sing or laughing between tears on the lamest song ever.

The moment I knew you guys and learnt things from here and there, I know there’s must be something left to say. But who am I to judge? I’m just a fan.

So here I am, cherished all the memories I had last night after saw you guys on the same stage and laughing to things you guys used to face... And hoping that it’s a beginning of something better.

But if it’s not, it’s okay.

As long as both of you happy, I will be too.

You guys did great, Eric and Solar. Now, you guys can be friends, can’t you?

KCON2020 M&G Mamamoo (host ERIC NAM).

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