the biggest plot twist

I've been thinking lately ... what if everything in my head isn't true? What if you're the one who's messing around with your feelings and make me wait for years? What if I never really fall in love with every one of you?

This might be the biggest plot twist of my life. When I personally realize that I've never really fallen for someone. Everything that happened back then just based on my curiosity and lack of ability to read the room? I mean ... I could read a room in a large conversation, but I'm no good with relationships among two people. I just being a Capricorn bitch who loves catching things she couldn't have.

What if ... you're the one who lock yourself up for the sake of not falling in love with me? What if you actually have the same thoughts, assumptions ... about me? Because we never really know each other. We just guessing other's people feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

What if ... oh what if ...

What if we're actually skipped the "what's your favorite food" part and jumped into this whole mess because we're afraid that we're not enough for each other? I've been thinking of what-ifs about us, I've been asking myself what should and what shouldn't we did in the past ...

I know it might be too late, but I think I came to the conclusion where it tells us to back off and let's just forget the what-ifs. Let's start from day one, who are you, who am I, what are your favorite movies, what are my favorite books ... and we won't waste our time guessing.

Because we'll know.

We'll know that no one hurt another person's feelings, no one needs to be saved, no one will look at each other with that kind of look; I'm sorry, I love you, but not in that way.

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