the end of 2022

I can't believe I wrote this post from Maastricht, Netherlands, AND I went here all-by-my-self. My money. My own decision. My own plan. OMG before 24, I can go to Europe BY MY SELF. I'm so cool.

Anyway, it's 4 PM and before 2022 ends, I'm trying to keep up my writing skills on this blog. But I don't have anything to share because 2022 was too scary and too hurtful. So I would like to share some of my favorite stuff from 2022.

Let's start! 

Favorite Podcast :


2. Balada Cerita Ramadhan 2022 on Prambors. Also my writings HEHEHE.

3. Loversation. (Kak Valerie's my love)

4. Kuas, Kanvas, dan Bulan Kesepian. (Rintik Sedu's production. It was so gweeed!)

Favorite Movies :

1. Something from Tiffany's (Found it on Prime. I love the chemistry of MC female & male. Definitely will rewatch it.)

2. Thor: Love and Thunder (I was in a desperate situation, I came to the cinema without expectation and laughing all the time. Best movie ever.)

3. Miracle's In Cell Number 7 - Indonesian version (WHO DOESN'T LOVE THIS MOVIE?)

4. 20th Century Girl (My kind of movie, except for the ending LOL.)

5. Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between (Definitely will rewatch. Too sweet and hurtful. I love hurtful feelings lol.)

Favorite K-Drama :

1. Alchemy of Souls. (I wasn't really interested at first even though it's Lee Jae Wook's first time as a main role. Because it's fantasy lol it wasn't my type. Then, I tried to watch 1 episode aaaaand here I am at the 4th episode of its part 2. LOL it was so good.)

2. Run On. (It's a rewatch, but I feel more attached.)

3. Soundtrack #1. (FRIENDZONE YAYAYAYAY)

4. Little Women. (BEST PLOT. BEST PLOT. BEST PLOT!!!!)

5. Twenty One, Twenty Five. (I love the ending, so realistic lol.)

Favorite Series :

I think I just rewatch old series ... or maybe I watch one or two series but I don't really enjoy it. So if you need any recommendation, I think you should watch YOU but only season 1 & 2 hehehe.

Favorite Books :

1. The Name of The Game - Adelina Ayu. (IT'S A GAME CHANGER. IT'S EYES OPENING. PLEASE READ IT.)

2. In A Blue Moon - Ilana Tan. (So light, so bright. I love romcom.)

3. Lukacita - Valerie Patkar. (A heartbreaking one, about dreams and growing up.)

I just have 3 favorite, the rest is .. yeah good but, I don't really feel it. Maybe because life is already bitter this year huhuhu.


That's all from my 2022. I hope I could write better and write more here. I hope I could write my new book and put it on Gramedia next year. I hope all the best for you guys. Please be happy, be healthy, and meet me next year here. Let's growing up together! 

Happy new year! Thank you for staying.

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