mungkin bukan yang ini.

So I cried last night because Eric's give away announcement had revealed and I didn't get any email. I've been texting over 300++ people to get help and have a little talk to them, which is great, because some of them are my mutuals on social media and hadn't talk for ages, but ... 

Still, I'm sad.

Ya, I know ... he didn't have any Asia list and I'm in Indonesia, the one he tried to come last year but got canceled because of that goddamn festival. So I feel like I'm throwing away 200 people who helped me. But seriously, I'm ready to get my ticket and fly somewhere just to see him in person.

Tapi, mungkin bukan yang kali ini kesempatannya. Mungkin bukan lewat give away. Mungkin belum jodohnya.

Ya udahlah. Tapi sakit. Mau sakit dulu. Dan nggak apa-apa. Perasaan gue valid.

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